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Please read the below terms carefully before registering!


The following material is not allowed on ANY InstaFree service:


  1. Illegal Material
  2. Threatening Material
  3. Hate Sites
  4. Fraudulent Content
  5. Forgery or Impersonation
  6. Unsolicited Content
  7. Copyright Infringements
  8. Collection of Private Data (Unless DPA Registered)
  9. Viruses
  10. Hacking/Cracking
  11. Content dealing with RapidShare, Rapidleech, MegaUpload, or other upload sites
  12. Links pointing to any material that is not allowed under this policy
  13. Transloaders of any kind
  14. Proxies or proxy-related material
  15. URL Shortening Services
  16. Music/Video/Media files of any kind, unless you can prove you are the copyright holder
  17. Chat Software / Chat Services
  18. Image/File Hosting [Companies]
  19. File Storage - The storage of files not used in your website or any file in excess of 10mb
  20. Lottery/Gambling/Pyramid Scheme/High-Yield Investment websites
  21. CPA/PPC/CPC Websites
  22. Torrents or Torrent-related websites
  23. WAREZ or any WAREZ links
  24. IRC Networks (Including all IRC Material)
  25. Peer to Peer software 
  26. Any Adult Content (Pornographic images/video, Hentai, etc.)
  27. Pharmacy/Medication Sites
  28. Non-english Content (All content MUST be in English)
  29. Streaming videos/music
  30. SPAM
  31. Phishing
  32. CRON jobs that execute more frequently than every 10 minutes
  33. *coin/Virtual Currency Mining
  34. Stressers/Booters/Booting of any kind/Outgoing DDoS
  35. Outgoing attacks on other networks/IPs/servers
  36. Incoming attacks (DDoS or otherwise)
  37. Backup Storage
  38. Free hosting of any kind (including gameservers and Teamspeak)
  39. Trading / FOREX (Foreign Exchange)




Specific Terms for reseller accounts


These terms are in addition to the general terms listed above.


  1. Our reseller accounts cannot be used to offer free hosting of any kind.
  2. You must use a real, paid TLD for your website. No free domain names are allowed. Users with hidden/private WHOIS must be able to provide proof of domain ownership.
  3. All company websites must be in English, as well as all resold sites you host.
  4. You may not have "Unlimited" disk space or bandwidth plans on your hosting. "Unlimited" doesn't exist.
  5. All hosts must have their main website on our servers, i.e. you can not use this in conjunction with any other reseller account or hosting offer from any other company.
  6. All hosts shall have a working, functional website uploaded to our servers within 7 days.
  7. You must be actively involved with selling hosting. This is not a free account for your personal site(s).
  8. Adherence to our AUP is a must. That goes for your main account and those of your clients.
  9. All applicants must submit their real personal/company information, and must pass the same fraud checks that our paying clients must pass.
  10. You must have a legitimate license for any billing software you choose to use for your host. Pirated software will not be tolerated.




Specific Terms for VPS accounts


These terms are in addition to the general terms listed above.


  1. It is assumed you possess a certain technical knowledge to operate a VPS. We will not help you set up or configure the VPS, in compliance with our Scope of Support.
  2. While you do not have to use your VPS for web hosting, you must provide a real, paid TLD that you own, for verification purposes. Users with hidden/private WHOIS must be able to provide proof of domain ownership. Free domains of any kind are not allowed for VPS hosting.
  3. Incoming and Outgoing Mail is blocked for all VPS. VPS cannot be used for mail servers. Attempting to bypass such restrictions will result in immediate termination.
  4. VPS servers may not be used to run game servers. This does not include communication software, such as Teamspeak or Ventrillo.
  5. VPS servers may not be used for VPN, Proxies, or other anonymous browsing techniques.
  6. Free VPS are not suitable for certain applications, such as those that require specific ports to be used/mapped. This includes some voice servers, control panels, etc.
  7. Incoming/Outgoing attacks of any kind (including DDoS) will result in immediate termination. We do not provide DDoS protection.
  8. Testing/Staging/Development, Learning, etc. is not an appropriate use of our free VPS. The free VPS should have a public use, i.e. website hosting, voice server hosting, etc.




instafree account


  1. You must use your real first and last name when signing up, and must maintain a valid email address. Failure to do so will result in removal of your account, and server-wide suspension of your IP address and other credentials.
  2. You are allowed to create one (1) account only, and host one (1) website/domain on our free servers. Users found having multiple accounts will have all their accounts deleted without warning, and will not be allowed to utilize our services at any time in the future.
  3. All applicants must submit their real personal/company information, and must pass the same fraud checks that our paying clients must pass.
  4. Using a proxy or IP masking device when signing up will result in an automatic denial.
  5. Please visit our Forbidden Countries List. If your country is on the list, don't bother applying. Your application will be denied.
  6. All our services require users to have valid domains. Users with hidden/private WHOIS must be able to provide proof of domain ownership.



account activity


We reserve the right to conduct "inactivity checks" on accounts that sign up. This may require us to request that you verify your account is in good standing, and that you are still active on our services.


  1. All shared and reseller hosting accounts must have a domain actively pointing to our server, and normal website content uploaded within 7 days of account creation. Failure to do so will result in termination.
  2. Account activity checks for shared, reseller, and VPS hosting are performed at the end of every month. Users found having inactive websites, domains not pointed to our servers, or other lack of activity, will have their accounts deleted.
  3. Teamspeak servers/channels must be used at least once every 7 days (not by bots) or they will be terminated. Logins are checked regularly. Teamspeak users not adhering to our account activity policy will have their accounts deleted.
  4. VPS users must visit the forum at least once every 7 days, as well as have active public traffic on the VPS..




Account resources and data


  1. We are NOT responsible for your files. PLEASE make backups of all files you have hosted on our servers. We are a free host so we do not provide you with an SLA.
  2. Websites using excessive server resources will be disabled without warning.




scope of technical support


InstaFree Technical Support Includes:


  1. Technical server support (installation of server modules, server software, etc) on shared and reseller hosting
  2. Troubleshooting server conflicts (timeout warnings, unaccessible control panel, unresponsive server, etc.)
  3. Installation help for scripts included in Softaculous

InstaFree Technical Support Does Not Include:


  1. Installation of client software/scripts (other than those included in Softaculous)
  2. Troubleshooting website malfunction such as error of loading scripts, security holes, etc.
  3. Editing/Modifying client website design/codes
  4. Troubleshooting IP address(es) being blocked by certain RBLs
  5. Configuration of control panel, for VPS
  6. And more!




Please note, that when you sign up here at InstaFree, we reserve the right to terminate your account if you violate any portion of our aup/tos, if we find you unfit to use our services, or FOR ANY REASON deemed appropriate by InstaFree staff.
There are no warnings. Any violation of this Acceptable Use Policy will result in immediate and permanent termination, on the first violation.



Rev. 4/23/2016