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Why a domain name is required for a VPS?

Discussion in 'Free VPS Hosting' started by mrdini, Feb 8, 2018.

  1. mrdini

    mrdini New Member

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    I am a freshmen here, just found that amazing service. :)

    And the main purpose which I registered, because I need a place where I Can run a Discord bot for my guild. For that purpose no domain etc is needed. Just node.js or python(3.5). In this case, why a domain name is required?

  2. Jase Wolf

    Jase Wolf Premium Hosting Client VPS Client

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    A VPS can be used for very destructive uses in the hands of the wrong people, which damages the service for everyone. Requiring people to have a domain name is a great way to make sure only people with legitimate reasons have a VPS.

    Domain names can be obtained for next to nothing for first year of those registrations. It's a small price to pay which will open a new window for you in terms of what you're eligible for.

    Grab yourself a personal .com or something. 1&1 are a fantastic place to start off as first year registrations are $0.99. I haven't had issue personally in cancelling auto renew so my first year domains I don't want get released after that first year. But do read the small print as you always should.

    Any domain you choose you'd actually like to keep, register/transfer it to NameSilo as it's only $8.40 or so per year with no added fees on top like privacy, icann, or vat/tax etc.

    Having a domain at hand is simply a must. They're cheap enough, especially if you do different domains every year making good use of the first year discounts.
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  3. Konstantin

    Konstantin Premium Hosting Client VPS Client

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    Hello, please review the https://www.instafree.com/tos.php

    The VPS is designed to host websites, NOT VOIP/Bots

    @Bryan can provide more clarification.
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  4. IEpicDestroyer

    IEpicDestroyer Premium VPS Client

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    It'll probably cost you less to get a domain than buy a VPS. Domains aren't expensive and they are just used to verify that your a legit customer. I think your welcome to host whatever you want as long as you don't break the TOS. While I have my sites hosted on it, I do have another application hosted on it as well.

    Good luck with the application!
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