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NEWSLETTER October 2014

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Bryan, Oct 4, 2014.

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    Hello all!!

    First and foremost, thanks for making InstaFree so successful! I have been meaning to publish a monthly newsletter for some time, but have fallen slightly behind...almost a year behind. Might as well start now. :D

    Nothing but smooth, sweet, UPTIME

    One thing is missing from InstaFree that other free hosts seem to have plenty of......downtime. We don't want it! We're proud to boast a 100% uptime across all our servers for the last 8 months, aside from 3 server reboots to upgrade software or hardware. With the reboots, we're showing a blistering 99.998% total uptime. Not bad. ;)

    Remember that you play a huge part in the uptime of our servers! We thank everybody for keeping our servers clean and free of garbage. Resellers, please continue to be vigilant in keeping your resold accounts clean as well.

    instafree-uptime.png *NodePing 1 min. testing intervals

    Support Requests

    A lot of people submit support requests via PM, instead of using the Support Forum. And that's fine! I don't mind a PM even just to say hello or talk shop. However, we are hopefully going to be adding more staff members here shortly. Using the Support Forum will make it far easier for tracking support issues, and will hopefully result in a quicker response time, once we get more people answering the tickets.

    As well, there have been a handful of support tickets regarding the "Sonic" theme within cPanel. The Sonic theme is for potential WHMSonic/Shoutcast hosting that we may offer in the future (currently undergoing testing), and per the announcement (http://www.instafree.com/community/index.php?threads/do-not-use-sonic-cpanel-theme.190/), it will break your cPanel and you will be unable to login if you use that theme.

    Teamspeak Server

    We are considering opening a Teamspeak Server for general chat and support. Not sure how many people might use it, but it will likely be there anyway within the next few months. We'll be doing some testing shortly, and will also perhaps offer Teamspeak hosting in the future.

    Shoutcast Hosting / WHMSonic

    This is undergoing testing currently, and will perhaps be available soon.


    If you haven't already noticed, we are running a few contests, largely in an attempt to increase forum traffic. We don't do post-to-host, we don't put ads on our forum, we don't make money when people post in our forum. But there are a lot of really smart folks using our services, and a wealth of knowledge amongst them. We would love to see a nice lively forum here. That said, if you have suggestions for forum categories, etc., please let me know or post in the Suggestions Forum.

    The contests will run until Dec. 31st at 23:59 UTC. The winners will be announced at midnight at Jan. 1st. Don't forget that the VPS and domains have a post count requirement (again...trying to increase forum traffic), but the Premium Upgrade raffle does not. Any InstaFree client is free to enter the raffle.

    As always, if you have any suggestions, don't hesitate to send me a PM, email, or use the Suggestions Forum. We would love to hear them!

    Happy Hosting!
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    If you need help, I can help you if you considered it is a good idea. :)

    I love Instafree, it is the only option of free host that really work.

    Long life!
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