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VPS for running python scripts?

Discussion in 'Free VPS Hosting' started by pierrot, Nov 29, 2019.

  1. pierrot

    pierrot New Member

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    Hello there, I am new here and just submitted an application for VPS hosting. I am sorry, I am a kind of newbie. I am looking for a remote solution that runs scripts on a regular basis (for instance, every 4 hours). The scripts to be run are python scripts that will collect data through a websocket and record them in csv files, that I then intend to retrieve once in a while. I have not provided any domain name as I don't have one. I do not intend to setup a website. Please, do you offer solution for this kind of need? Is a domain name needed for that? I thank you in advance for your reply and support. Have a good afternoon. Best regards,
  2. Fedora

    Fedora Premium Hosting Client VPS Client

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    Hello and welcome! :)

    You can see the Terms of Service here:


    In case of VPS:

    You need a domain name for use a VPS.
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  3. Konstantin

    Konstantin Premium Hosting Client VPS Client

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    Hi there! What data are you collecting? Please remember that the IP address is under a NAT restriction.
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  4. Bryan

    Bryan Administrator

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    As has been said, we require a paid domain name for VPS, regardless of the use. I'm assuming some sort of website scraping or such is being done by the script? If so, that will not work, as we do not want our IPs blacklisted.
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