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The unique and reliable free hosting (3 years!)

Discussion in 'Testimonials / Reviews' started by Fedora, Sep 7, 2018.

  1. Fedora

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    Over the years I tried many free hosting (those that everyone knows and some that are not very well known as well), and I only found one that really complied with what it offered and that is Instafree... and yes, here I am. This month I already have 3 years since I arrived here and it is 3 years with incredible service, excellent up time and the best support in the world from the hand of our friend Bryan.

    So, are you looking for free hosting? Do not look any further! You have arrived at the right place, I am absolutely sure that you will love the service.

    But you're not sure about putting your project in a free hosting? Do you have doubts? Well if you do not want a free hosting, because it seems more reliable pay for a service, do not worry because you can also have a paid hosting with our father in WSWD (very good prices and excellent features... I recommend the VPS, they have the best of the best!).

    Ok, did you think well and do you want free hosting? what are you waiting for? Register now and send your application (you can upgrade your service to premium in the future if you want). Remember to use your real data and read the terms and conditions of the service.

    Welcome to the Instafree community! The only reliable hosting service in the world! (And it's thanks to @Bryan!)

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