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New application or can I renew hosting services after repurchasing a domain?

Discussion in 'Free Shared Hosting' started by lezla, Sep 26, 2017.

  1. lezla

    lezla New Member

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    Edit: Apologies, I have just realized I had been sent a message by bryan to say my hosting had been terminated,I will submit a new application.

    Hi, I used this hosting service about 2 years ago (and it was great!) but my domain name expired about a year ago now. I am wanting to set up a new project using the same domain , I have just repurchased it. Do I submit a new application or is there a way I can go about renewing the hosting, all the details should be identical to the application that I had submitted the first time around. Sorry to ask I usually try to resolve myself but could not find the answer anywhere.

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  2. Jase Wolf

    Jase Wolf Premium Hosting Client VPS Client

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    If it's something like a month or so, it's quite probable that you'll still have your account waiting as Bryan is firm but he isn't inpatient as he knows all sorts of reasons can keep someone from being able to access their services like what is sadly very probable to any in the Caribbean islands etc.

    But a year or couple years in your case, there's no option to terminate anything that's been left inactive as space is valuable.

    Good for asking though. Though remember for the future it is a nice polite way to contact to say about not going to be accessing your services for a certain period or are leaving but you think you might come back one day.

    Never know, Bryan or whoever might offer to put your data into a free Dropbox account or some for you as well as giving you a backup to your data if needed instead of just terminating and deleting what's there.

    I've got a reseller, I did an account for one person, creating him a site design for linking his YouTube, did him a logo for his site and YouTube, but then he just vanished.
    I think he just vanished because his parents didn't want him to have all this and that and be involved with someone almost twice his age as thought he was about 14 at first from his voice, but was quite a lot younger.

    Still holding the logo and the site design for if he ever wants/needs them in years to come when he is older, and just got rid of the account.

    Also did an account for a friend of mine starting up his site etc. I'd certainly keep his site on a dropbox or something for him if he disappeared incase he came back or needed everything in future.

    Now a social account like Facebook or something, pointless bothering about deleting your accounts unless you are leaving forever or will come back as a new fresh account, but a hosting service or similar where the service is dependant on people paying space to pay for the data centre(s), it always always is nicer to give a heads up if you're going away for a while or so.
  3. Bryan

    Bryan Administrator

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    Hi and welcome back!

    I can just set you up with the old information, if the domain and your email are the same. Definitely don't have a backup of your site that far back though.
  4. Konstantin

    Konstantin Premium Hosting Client VPS Client

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